Past and Present Slavery

Topics: Slavery, History of slavery, Africa Pages: 2 (658 words) Published: November 28, 2010
Past and present day slavery
By Marco Ohlin
The hardship of slavery back then and how cruel it was being treated as if they were products of businesses and not actual human beings, for they had a different system to run the slaves compared to slavery today. The comparison of slavery today and back in the 19th century where very different, because instead of it being around the whole world of slaves and it being legal back then. Today it’s not legal and a different type of slavery is happening, and North Korea is accountable for it. “From 1846 till 1865, slavery was very much legal at least in the United States. The majority of the black slaves had lived in the south for the most part.” (Wikipedia) In my perspective African Americans were the main slaves back in the day and that might have been because they had a lot of them coming over to the U.S. from Africa. The blacks were a product or some material to the whites. They were treated as we treat our water source today. When they were being shipped over to the U.S. they would throw them over board for the fun of it or because the slaves were to sick or something was wrong with them. The way the slave trade would work was through this whole process called the “Triangular Trade.” I don’t know exactly where the trade started because it was a big triangle of different countries trading different products to each other; but Americans would trade different materials to Europe, such as cotton and indigo. Then Europe would trade different materials to Africa such as iron, guns, silk, and brandy. Then Africa would trade back to America with the slaves. So this same routine would keep going on for years. In my opinion I guess it was a good routine to have because all these countries needed supplies from other countries, so the triangular trade worked out for Europe, Africa and America. I no that today, America is always trading with trading with China, most of our electronics that we have today our made in...
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