Patterns in Successful Marriages

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Patterns in Successful Marriages
A successful marriage is something that two people work hard at building together. Marriage requires two people who desire to walk the same walk in life, and in the process build a successful relationship and family. A successful marriage is one that is strong and can face all aspects of life together. There are many key elements and qualities that need to be met in order for a successful marriage.

There are many key elements to having a successful marriage. It all starts with the “foundation” of your marriage.(eHow). Also know as commitment or honor. In order for your marriage to be successful all principles of life have to be agreed on by both you and your spouse. “You must inspect each other to then decide if you both have what it takes together - to build a strong and lasting marriage - based on principles that both embrace as true”(Psychology Today). When both partners in a marriage share the same basic beliefs and values and are committed to living those principles together then that is the start to building a strong and positive foundation for a successful marriage.

Respect in a marriage is one key element that can help ensure you that your marriage is going to be successful. Treat one another as you would want to be treated. Good patience can also lead to having positive respect. Having good patience can lead to a balance of power. Trust is a related aspect to respect. When both people in a marriage can trust that they have the same outlook on life then their marriage could be successful. They must be able to trust one another in all aspects of life. Respect also includes the effort from both partners to give 60:40 to one another. “A marriage Master named Walter once said “Most people think marriage is 50/50. It’s not. It’s 60/40. You give 60. You take 40. And that goes for both of you.” (Today Relationships). It all boils down to that respect leads to love and success.

Good communication is one of the most...

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