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Disadvantages of a Microprocessor

Microprocessors cannot process analog signals directly.
Found in a personal computer's chip or embedded in smaller devices, a microprocessor offers a faster way of computing. It can rapidly move data between processor units. Speed is one of a microprocessor's advantages that sets it apart from other processors. However, a microprocessor also has some disadvantages that are worth considering when choosing computing power. Find out more and see if a microprocessor unit is worth it for you. 1. Inflicts Restriction on Size of Data

* Microprocessors have rigid card formats that can only hold certain amounts of information. The lack of space does not allow for more complicated processing of information, such as the opcodes (operation codes) and timing. The ability of a microprocessor to crunch more data is dependent on its bus (a set of physical connections such as cables, printed circuits, etc.) width. A larger data bus width will allow the microprocessor to crunch more data; however, the drawback of having a larger data bus size means it needs a greater amount of logic and larger die size. In order to have a microprocessor crunch more data, you need to implement two methods---increase the bus size from 64 bits to 128 bits and beyond, as well as increase the amount of microprocessor core in a single microprocessor. Physical Address Space Limitations

* Microprocessors have limited physical address space. It limits real mode addresses to 20 bits, where the effective address is equal to shifting left, by 4 bits, the segment register. In real mode, an offset cannot go beyond 16 bits; in other words, each segment cannot exceed increments of 64 kilobytes. Increasing the number of address lines is not attractive because it can complicate the architecture and design without significant gain.

Many Do Not Support Floating Point Operations
* Most low-cost embedded microprocessors and microcontrollers do not have an FPU (floating point unit), which is a specialized coprocessor that manipulates numbers more quickly than the basic microprocessor circuitry. Microprocessors use fixed-point representations, which are more difficult and cumbersome to use than floating-point representations because they cannot handle a wider dynamic range. Microprocessors require programmers to specify the number of digits after the radix (or decimal) point. Does Not Process Analog Signals Directly

* Microprocessors cannot process analog signals directly. Digitizing the analog signals introduces errors in microprocessors. Most general-purpose microprocessors and operating systems can execute DSP (digital signal processor) algorithms successfully, but are not suitable for use in portable devices such as mobile phones and PDAs because of power supply and space constraints. In some DSP processors, the software designer can write optimized assembly code to pipeline instructions and data to parallel logical units, reducing the clock cycle usage.


Ang lipunan ay isang pangkat ng mga tao na binibigyan ng katangian sa mga huwaran ng mga pagkakaugnay ng bawat isa na binabahagi ang naiibang kultura at mga institusyon. Mas...
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