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Topics: Molecular biology, Chemistry, Biology Pages: 2 (387 words) Published: February 9, 2013

1. Science For Everyone By SS Krotov—Aptitude Test Problems In Physics. 2. 2000 Puzzling Physics Problems With Hints And Solutions By Peter Gnadig, Gyula Honyek And Ken Riley. Cambridge University Press 3. Exercises In Introductory Physics By R.B. Leighton And R.E.Vogt California Institute Of Technology. Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, Reading Massachusetts. 4. University Physics By Freedman And Young, 11th Edition Onwards. 5. Foundations Of Electromagnetic Theory By John R.Reitz, Fedrick J.Milford And Robert W. Christy. Narosa Publishing House. 6. "Problems In Physics" By I.E. Irodov.

7. Schaum's 3000 Solved Problems In Physics By Alvin H. Halpern. 8. Mechanics by Kleppner
9. Electrodynamics by Griffins
10. Modern Physics by Beiser
11. Optics by Eugene Hecht
12. Introduction to Special Relativity by Resnick

1. Coordinate Geometry By S.L. Loney.
2. Trigonometry By S.L. Loney.
3. Higher Algebra By Hall And Knight.
4. Calculus By Thomas And Finney
5. Problems In Calculus Of One Variable By I.A. Maron.
6. A Course In Mathematics For IIT-JEE, By Tata Mc-Graw Hill.

1. Chemistry By Mcmurry And Fay.
2. University Chemistry By Bruce Mahann.
3. Organics Chemistry And Solutions Manual By Solomons And Frhyle 4. Inorganic Chemistry By J.D. Lee.
5. "Problem Book In Chemistry" By P. Bahadur
6. Reactions, Rearrangements & Reagents By S.N.Sanyal.
7. A Guidebook To Mechanism In Organic Chemistry By Peter Skyes. 8. Organic Chemistry By Finar.
9. Qualitative Inorganic Analysis by Vogel
10. Inorganic Chemistry by Wilkinson
11. Inorganic Chemistry by Greenwood
12. Organic Chemistry by Graham Solomon, &Paula Brill

1. Biological Sciences D. J. Taylor, N.P.O. Green and G. W. Stout 2. Principles of Biochemistry A. L. Lehninger, D. L. Nelson and M. M. Cox 3. The Nature of Life John Postlethwait and Janet Hopson

4. Molecular Biology of the...
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