Pepsi-Cross Cultural Management

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Cultural dimensions in Media


1. Introduction to cross-cultural advertising

Cross cultural advertising means more than translation. The language, style, colors, numbers and symbols of advertising are all important factors to be considered. To outsource cross cultural marketing to a professional located in the intended target market is an effective way to broaden your global business. Cross-cultural research on advertising is a relatively new field which reflects the developments and trends of the last decades in economic and commercial activities. In recent years there has been an evident tendency to economic integration, especially for the countries who have reached a certain level of wealth. One of the main issues in international marketing and advertising is whether consumers from different countries will become more and more alike or whether the differences will remain stable or even will grow more. The question is reflected at a decisional level by the dilemma of the standardization (globalization) of marketing and advertising strategies or, at contrary, of their cultural adaptation to the paradigms and patterns revealed by every single country / region. The last two decades saw a proliferation of cross-cultural studies, research and analysis of advertising, consumer behaviour, organizational behaviour etc. attempting to support one approach or the other. Culture affects everything we do. This applies to all areas of human life from personal relationships to conducting business abroad. When interacting within our native cultures, culture acts as a framework of understanding. However, when interacting with different cultures this framework no longer applies due to cross cultural differences. Cross cultural communication aims to help minimise the negative impact of cross cultural differences through building common frameworks for people of different cultures to interact within. In business, cross cultural solutions are applied in areas such as HR, team building, foreign trade, negotiations and website design. Cross cultural communication solutions are also critical to effective cross cultural advertising. Services and products are usually designed and marketed at a domestic audience. When a product is then marketed at an international audience the same domestic advertising campaign abroad will in most cases be ineffective. The essence of advertising is convincing people that a product is meant for them. By purchasing it, they will receive some benefit, whether it be lifestyle, status, convenience or financial. However, when an advertising campaign is taken abroad different values and perceptions as to what enhances status or gives convenience exist. These differences make the original advertising campaign defunct. It is therefore critical to any cross cultural advertising campaign that an understanding of a particular culture is acquired. By way of highlighting areas of cross cultural differences in advertising a few examples shall be examined. AREAS OF CROSS CULTURAL DIFFERENCES IN ADVERTISING

* Language in Cross Cultural Advertising
* Communication Style in Cross Cultural Advertising
* Colors, Numbers and Images in Cross Cultural Advertising * Cultural Values in Cross Cultural Advertising

* Translate correctly
* Stay neutral
* Adapt your product
* Know your markets

2. History of Pepsi

Caleb Bradham of New Bern, North Carolina was a pharmacist. Like many pharmacists at the turn of the century he had a soda fountain in his drugstore, where he served his customers refreshing drinks, that he created himself. His most popular beverage was something he called "Brad's drink" made of carbonated water, sugar, vanilla, rare oils, pepsin and cola nuts. "Brad's...
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