Person Centred Approach

Topics: Family, Sociology, Son Pages: 3 (1054 words) Published: April 1, 2013
The way I establish a partnership approached regarding person centred approach is by talking to the service placement team within social services. They send me over care plans with basic information regarding the client and also give us information over the phone. I then read the care plan and get back to service placement team agree when we can start the care package. 2.2

I then speak to the family and social worker to gather up more information regarding the client before then going to meet the client. 2.3
I then visit the client and find out what they would like help with, what they find difficult and what they would like the carers to do step by step in each call. I also look to see what other services can also help the client such as meals on wheels to help with meals or day centre visit to help the client with social interaction. 2.4

When I am writing the person centred approach I always ensure that I concentrate on what the client can do such as washing their top half or making their own breakfast. It also then identify what will keep their independence. 2.5

I then look at the person centred support plan to see what we can help with and achieving the outcomes such as what they can do, what the family help them with and what the carer can be involved in. 3.1

With one of the clients I support they had outcomes that were not realistic, The client wanted to go out to the library however they was on oxygen 24 hours a day, they was risks involved in this as the client could not come off the oxygen for a period of time. 3.2

The way I overcame this was found a library service that came to the client’s home so that the client could stay on her oxygen but still get a choice to what books she would like to read, I informed the social worker and also the family of what I had arranged. 3.3 The social worker and family agreed that this would be the best option and also cost effective as the library did the service free of charge. It also reduce...
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