Personal and Professional Development

Topics: Educational psychology, Adult education, Education Pages: 8 (1858 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Personal & Professional Development

Self-managed learning in the context
Of lifelong learning.

Prepared By:
Rodrigo de Moura Ferreira

Prepared for:
Mr. Marc Gallagher

10 March 2013


1- Abstract ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 3

2- Introduction--------------------------------------------------------------------- 4

3- Approaches to self managed learning-------------------------------------- 5

4- Advantages and disadvantages of Self- managed learning -------------- 6

4.1- Advantages -------------------------------------------------------------------------------6 4.2- Disadvantages--------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6

5- Ways in which lifelong learning in both personal and
professional contexts could be encouraged----------------------------- -7

6- Evaluation the benefits of self-managed learning to the Organizations and their members -------------------------------------------8

7- Conclusion -----------------------------------------------------------------------9

8- References -----------------------------------------------------------------------10

9-Bibliografy ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 11

In essence, this report will comprise three parts: first we shall be making an evaluation of current approaches to self- managed learning, second we shall be detailing in which ways lifelong learning both personal and professional might be promoted and encouraged and finally we shall be making an evaluation of the potential benefits of self-managed learning to organisations and their members but for this case with specific reference to Teagasc.

2- Introduction
Every single person had one day some experience about self-managed learning in their life, or many people are having this experience at the moment in somewhere learning something by themselves. Stop for a moment and back to the past and try to remember if you have learned something that you had initiative by yourself. Did you remember something? I am sure you did, do you know why? It`s because there`s so many reasons which push ourselves to learn something and that`s why the term self-managed learning is more popular when compared with the traditional way to learn, for example going to the school every day.

3-Approaches to self managed learning

Individual could learn through the research which they will be doing that could be either been issued by the university or college even at work place, people could learn different techniques used in doing the research. Formal education and schooling remain highly valued in most societies, and many educators, employers, policy-makers, and average citizens find it difficult to place high value on what is learned on your own or outside the formal system. However, some adult educators have shown how non-traditional programs, distance education, and self-directed learning efforts can meet many challenges associated with keeping current on constantly changing knowledge. Several things are known about self-managed learning and also others terms as S-DL (Self-direct learning), S-PL, LS-D, S-RL, Autonomy, learning projects, open learning etc. However there are some differences between these terms:

* Knowles, (1975) describe Self- directed learning- is a process in which individuals take the initiatives, with or without the help of others * Autonomous learning - autonomy often is associated with independence of thought, individualized decision-making, and critical intelligence. Gibbs (1979) * Self-planned learning and learning projects - Tough's (1979) research on people engaged in learning projects involved obtaining information on...

References: * Yeaxlee, B. A. (1929) Lifelong Education, London: Cassell.
* Caffarella, R. S. (1993). Self-directed learning. In S.B. Merriam (ed), An Update on adult learning theory, no.57.San Francisco:Jossey-Bass.
* Caffarella, R
* Cunningham, I. (1994) The Wisdom of Strategic Learning: The self-managed learning solution,Maidenhead, McGraw-Hill.
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