Personal Assessment of My Learning Style

Topics: Intelligence, Educational psychology, Learning Pages: 2 (346 words) Published: May 12, 2013
should analyze quantitative date, and build conceptual models. One way I can develop skills in all four learning modes is to get together with people who both complement and challenge me.
I wrote a paper on the multiple intelligences indicated by Howard Gardner in a previous class and found it very interesting. It is important to assess a combination of skills that may identify the characteristics of individual talents. The intelligences refer to human abilities, talents or mental skills that normal individuals possess, some to extent. This theory has important educational implications, including ones for curriculum development. Since schooling deals with various types of problem solving, predicting the intelligence of a student predicts the future of their success in school. It is important to assess a combination of skills that may identify the characteristics of individual talents. Every cultural role of any degree requires a combination of intelligences. “Each intelligence must have an identifiable core operation or set of operations. This combination of intelligences or multiple human facilities are necessary for cultural growth in our colleges.” (Gardner 1).

Mastering the skill of metacognition will allow me to learn anything at anytime. Metacognition includes planning, analysis, synthesis, and application. By mastering metacognition I will be able to state ways that will benefit me from learning a subject, I will be able to figure out the best learning style for me and develop new ones, I will be able to make accurate statements about my current abilities and monitor any behavior or change habits. I will be able to choose and apply various strategies for reading, writing, speaking, listening, managing time, and related tasks. I will be able to modify strategies so that they work in several different ways.

By expanding my ability to use all of the modes of the Learning Style Profile in Becoming a Master Student handbook, I feel confident that I can...

Cited: Gardner, Howard. “Intelligence In Seven Steps.” Creating The Future. New Horizons For Learning, Web. 1991.
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