Personal Communication Skills

Topics: Writing, Communication, Nonverbal communication Pages: 3 (841 words) Published: June 22, 2008
Personal Communication Skills
Dian Powell

The process of communication means a great deal to me. It is the livelihood of almost every moment of every day of my life. I not only communicate during my time with my family, but I also communicate with individuals all throughout my day at work. I have a key role at my job of trying to be the best communicator I am able to be. One part of my job is to be in charge of the customer service department, and this part of my position puts me in the hot seat for being able to communicate with people. I agree with the statement that “studying communication can help you succeed professionally.” (author’s last names, year published, pg. 8***use “p. 8” for indicating page numbers per APA format.) I have done so much studying of communication that I feel I am almost too secure in my own abilities.***need a thesis and signpost/transition sentence to focus the reader.****

When speaking with others, I am able to notice when a person is having different emotions while speaking to me. It is to my advantage to try to calm someone if they are upset with something, or to comfort them when they are unsure if a task got completed correctly in their home. Without having the necessary communication skills to assist me, this could be a difficult accomplishment. I feel that I am good at most verbal communication, although I tend to hesitate to speak with someone that is being verbally abusive to me. This is a point when my communication skills come to a halt. It tends to be a situation I do not handle well.

I also do well with grammar, there is room for improvement at all times however. I am not the type of person to use too much slang, profanity, jargon or street language. I like to make what I am trying to say to someone as clear as possible, so that there is little room error. This can lead to arguments and other situations that are usually not necessary. My vocabulary is something that I can always...

References: Pearson, Nelson, Titsworth & Harter, (2003) Human Communication: Fundamentals of Communication Study, Chapter 1, pg. 8
***indent the second line per APA format. See page 397 in your Little Brown Compact Handbook. Here is what the reference should look like:
Pearson, Nelson, Titsworth, & Harter. (2003). Human Communication: Fundatmentals of
communication study. McGraw-Hill. Retrieved November 15, 2004, from
ProQuest Direct database.
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