Personal Essay

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Personal Essay
In the following paragraphs, I will be evaluating my learning style, discussing the results of the learning style quizzes, and also whether or not I agree with those results. Do I still believe I am a visual learner, or have my life experiences changed the way I retain information? I will also explain what motivated me to seek a higher education. After taking a 3 year hiatus, I have decided to stop procrastinating and take some initiative to further my education and get a degree in Homeland Security. I aspire to be a great role model for my siblings and future children, and strive to be a son that my parents and wife can be proud of. I would also like to provide my family with the best life possible. I want to make sure that they have everything they need. I also believe obtaining a degree is important for the future, when I have retired from the Air Force and am in need of employment. Having a college degree will make me a stronger candidate and hopefully provide me more job opportunities in my chosen career field. Obtaining an education so that I can work in Home Land Security will mean that I can have an immediate impact on the security of this country, which means a lot to me. I want to do my part to help keep drugs off the streets and away from impressionable children. After reviewing the results of the learning assessment quiz (Center for New Discoveries in Learning 2012), it is clear that I am an auditory learner. Although I believe I was a visual learner through high school, being in the military has caused me to transition to auditory learning since I am expected to research and train myself on most administrative duties. I must pay close attention to the individual speaking so I can make sure I fully understand the message being relayed, since there is no hands-on training with visual aids. I also repeatedly recite information to myself so I can more easily commit it to memory. Occasionally, I revert back to the visual style and...
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