“Personal Identity Is About Difference Which Makes It Hard to Belong.”

Topics: Short story, Fiction, Science fiction Pages: 2 (605 words) Published: September 16, 2012
“Personal identity is about difference which makes it hard to belong.” Personal identity is about difference and that can make it hard to belong. What is personal identity and how do you know you don’t belong when everyone is different? In the novel Growing up Asian in Australia edited by Alice Pung, the short story Wei-Li and Me explores personal identity and how it can affect how we belong and fit into society. Another short story in the novel Anzac Day talks about what it means to be Australian and we define being ‘True Blue’.

The definition of personal identity is the distinct personality of an individual regarded as a persisting entity. The definition of different is not the same as another or each other. Both are pretty similar in meaning, let alone in words. Personal identity is what makes us different so it’s due to prejudice and inconsistency that we single people out and call them weird when if we’re honest, everyone is weird. The short stories in this novel make it clear that people really don’t understand this fact and will single others out just because of skin colour or cultural differences. The short story Wei-Li and Me from the novel goes into more detail about what can happen when children are singled out based on skin colour culture. In the short story Wei-li and me, Aditi and Wei-Li were considered to be different when compared to the other kids in their school playground. This was because of their cultural background and their skin colour. The other children didn’t even really give them a chance before they labelled them as different and alienated them. How can anyone belong if people were to make prejudgments like this all the time? Really, if everyone took the time to get to know people they would realise that everyone has completely different personalities, therefore we are all weird. Skin colour should have nothing to do with it. Skin colour and culture shouldn’t be a prerequisite to being Australian. The short story Anzac Day in the...
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