Philosopher King

Topics: Plato, Philosophy, Justice Pages: 2 (656 words) Published: September 23, 2013
1.Who is the Philosopher King - the ideal rulers, philosophers who become kings 2.Why is he the ideal ruler – Plato believes the PK is the ideal ruler because they will govern with virtue and justice with no hidden agenda, the PK loves learning, knowledge, truth 3.Why should he be compelled to rule – because a true philosopher will love the pursuit of truth, will be indifferent to the pleasures of the body, will not be interested in money, will not think human life is anything of great importance, and will not be concerned with dying 4.What is Socrates definition of justice – someone who is good and just and does good things 5.What is the nature of the philosopher – their curious to know true knowledge, inner truth, they are not interested in power, wealth, glory, and ruling 6.How is the PK nature recognized and nurtured by the educational system set up by Socrates – 7.Does the educational system amount to a form of brain washing – 8.Why is the PK compelled as a practical matter to tell medicinal lies to his citizens – 9.What does the PK understand that the other citizens do not understand 10. why does his nature uniquely suit him to know what the other citizens do not understand – 11.How does the allegory of the cave illustrate 5 & 6 – the effect of education of the lack of it in our nature 12.Is lying compatible with the PK nature and being a philosopher – 13.What sort of lies does Socrates say are not deserving of hatred – 14.By telling medicinal lies is the PK merely producing the sounds that soothe the crowd – 15.Or is there another purpose –

16.If lying is necessary to rule an the PK Is compelled to rule because he is the best man has Socrates created a ruler who violates his restriction that each person must do the ne job he is by nature suited to do and therefore the PK is unjust – 17.Do you believe that in order to survive as ruler the PK is compelled to lie – 18.Do you think that he can combine what he is compelled to do...
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