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Topics: Thermodynamics, Chemistry, Pressure Pages: 2 (291 words) Published: October 9, 2011

Name: PINAR AYDOĞAN Date of experiment: 03/10/2011 Date of submission: 10/10/2011 Accompanying TA: Gözde Barım

Experiment Title: Thermal Equation of State and Critical Point

PURPOSE: Determining the critical points of ethane graphically from P-V isotherms which draws according to the measurements of the pressure while changings in the temperature and volume. Thus, analyzing the physical properties like Boyle temperature, critical point, interaction potential, and molecule radius by analyzing the critical points of ethane.

OBSERVATIONS: (Observations must be written during the experiment)

DATA: (You can attach your data sheet which WAS TAKEN during the experiment.)

(Calculations and graphs must be clearly displayed AND MUST BE HAND WRITTEN! Graphs can be attached behind this page)

DISCUSSIONS: (use your own sentences! If necessary discussions can be continued behind this page)

In this experiment, we change the temperature and volume and measure the pressure value respectively. From these datas, we draw the p-V isotherms and find the critical values of the ethane. However, when we look at the graph, we can realize that for the 32 oC we cannot observe the constant line. Additionally, we observe the linear changes with a small slope not a dramatic increase like in the temperatures above 32 0C. The reason for this type error can be arises from the error in setting up the temperature because the apparatus for setting up the temperature is not totally accurate and it does not cool the water just heat it. Thus, when we measure the pressure the temperature remain to increase and maybe for this reason we could not observe the constant...

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