Physical and Chemical Changes Chemistry Lab Report

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The main objective of this experiment is to differentiate between a physical change and a chemical change.
A physical change includes a change in the material without affecting its composition, such as the physical state change. However, a chemical change includes the change in the composition of the substance. The change in color, formation of a gas or a solid product, and the production of energy are the evidences of a chemical reaction, thus, of a chemical change.  


Crucible tongs
Evaporating dish
Glass rod
Test tubes
Test tube rack
Analytical balance
Magnesium ribbon
pH paper
1M copper (II) sulfate
Iron metal
6M hydrochloric acid


Magnesium and oxygen test

A small strip of magnesium metal is held on one end with a pair of crucible tongs, while the other end is ignited with the flame of Bunsen burner. The burning ribbon is held over a clean evaporating dish so that the ash formed falls into the dish. When the burning is complete, about 10 drops of water were added to the ash formed in the evaporating dish and the contents are stirred with a clean glass rod. Then, a pH paper is touched with the tip of the rod which is wet with the solution.

Iron and copper (II) sulfate

About 3ml of 1M copper (II) sulfate is placed in a small test tube where a screw, piece of iron metal, is added into the solution. Changes observed after one, five and fifteen minutes are to be recorded.

Iron and hydrochloric acid

A small test tube is half filled with 6M aqueous hydrochloric acid solution. The test tube is then placed in the test tube rack and a thermometer is inserted into the solution to measure its temperature. A clean iron strip, a screw, is placed into the test tube after weighing its initial mass using the analytical balance. A change in the temperature is to be recorded. The iron strip is removed after 10 minutes from the solution, washed with water and reweighed.  ...
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