Physical and Chemical Properties

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Physical and Chemical Properties

Chem 107

A pure substance or chemical substance is a material that is homogeneous. It has consistent properties throughout the sample.” Pure substances can be described by both physical and chemical properties”. Physical properties can include, color, odor, melting point, boiling point, and solubility in various solvents, etc. The observation of these physical properties does not involve any chemical change in the substance, it is still the same. Meaning it is still the same pure substance it was before you heated it or add other chemicals to it. Chemical properties are when the element changes or adapts into a new element with the addition of a substance. For instance when Mg reacts with HCl rapid bubbles appear and heat making it a chemical change and changing it into a new substance/element. A reaction takes place on the metals surface (bubbles are a good example of this). The new product formed is the chemical change; it is more than just physical.

A. Materials:

a. 4 small test tubes
b. 100ml beaker
c. Stirring rod
d. Cu
e. Zn
f. Mg
g. MgO
h. NaCl
i. Cu(NO3)2
j. CuCO3
k. NaOH (4mL)
l. HCl (4mL)
m. Burner Fuel
n. Test tube clamp
o. 24 well plate
p. Test tube cleaning brush
q. Matches
r. 96 well plate
s. Blue litmus paper
t. Red litmus paper

B. Procedure:

1. Place 4 small test tubes into a 24 well plate.
2. Place small amount of first substance (Mg) into the first tube and record color and odor. 3. Light the burner fuel wick and place the test tube over the flame and observe for color change, gas, or any other kind of changes (physical or chemical). 4. Allow test tube to cool and record and type of changes that took place. 5. Add cold water to second small test tube (about ¼) and place small amount of the same substance (Mg) into tube and...
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