Physical and Chemical Properties

Topics: Chemistry, Sodium, Chemical reaction Pages: 2 (493 words) Published: July 1, 2013
Physical and Chemical Properties

Purpose: To examine the physical and chemical properties of multiple natural chemical substances, and to determine which changes are chemical and which are physical.

Procedure: Follow the step by step procedures in order to determine the physical and chemical properties of each substance. Observed and recorded the results/reactions of each substance.


|Color |Odor |Effect of Heat |Cold H2O |Hot H2O |Litmus Test |Dilute HCl |Dilute NaOH | |Mg |Silver |No odor |Slight change of color |No reaction |Substance floated, gas produced |No reaction |Gas and heat produced, substance dissolved |No reaction | |Cu |Copper |No odor |Added sheen |No reaction |No reaction |No reaction |No reaction |No reaction | |Zn |Silver |No odor |No reaction |No reaction |No reaction |No reaction |Substance dulled. Gas produced |No reaction | |MgO |White |No odor |No reaction |Opaque color, gas produced |Substance completely dissolved |Red paper turned blue |Gas and heat produced, substance turns yellow |No reaction | |CuCO3 |Green |No odor |Substance melts |Substance partially dissolves |Substance completely dissolves |No reaction |Turns bright green in color |Turns blue | |Cu(NO3)2 |Bright blue |No odor |No reaction |Completely dissolves |Completely dissolves |Blue paper turns red |Turns light green in color |No reaction | |NaCl |White |No odor |No reaction |No reaction |Completely dissolves |No reaction |No reaction |No reaction | | Questions:

A. Did you observer any chemical changes in this experiment? There were chemical changes in this experiment with the substances except Cu, every other substance had some kind of effect from the test.

B. What evidence did you use to decide that something was a chemical change? When the substance changed in any way that is how I decided that there was a chemical change happening.

C. Give at least two examples of chemical changes you observed. D. Classify the following properties of...
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