Planning Multimedia Project, on Helping Adult Learner to Understand and Use Window Clipboard: - Multimedia Appro

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In this paper, I will focus on using multimedia technology as an innovative teaching and learning strategy in a problem-based learning environment. The fundamental goal of this project is to help my students to understand and use window clipboard. I would like to extend this contention further by using multimedia technologies to create a multimedia-oriented project. This learning mode is constructivist in approach whereby the students participate actively in their own learning process and construct their own knowledge (Jonassen, Peck & Wilson, 1999) Education is being partially changed by new technologies. In a technology-rich environment one must remember that the educational focus is on learning and instructional goals instead of the technology itself, because technologies are simply tools or vehicles for delivering instruction (Campoy, 1992). It is not what equipment is used, but how the equipment is used which makes it significant to a constructivist classroom (Strommen and Lincoln, 1992). According to Mann (1994), the use of new technologies in an educational setting has caused the theory of learning, constructivism, to receive new attention. Students in these settings become empowered by gaining access to real data and work on genuine problems. Often, roles are reversed as teacher and student learn from one another.

Technology has always impacted education; the printing press allowed textbooks to be developed, and the substitute of slates and chalk by pencil and paper permitted a permanent record of one's writing to be preserved. In the late 1950s and 1960s television was utilized as a means of teaching large groups of students, albeit inefficiently. Today, a new flourish of technology is beginning to cause repercussions in schools that will forever change how students are taught. Is this change a positive one? To gain insight into this dilemma, one must first look at how we learn. Many theories of learning have been projected in the last century. Until recently, behavioural psychology has influenced education in most countries to such a astonishing degree that it had a virtual stranglehold on how textbooks were defined and how teachers planned and implemented lessons. To date most learning programs reflect this philosophy. Of late, however, the constructivist theory of learning has, again, come to the vanguard. Constructivism isn't new; John Dewey advocated it at the turn of the century. Maria Montessori based her educational model on constructivism as did Joseph Bruner, and more recently, Vygotsky (Collins, 1991). Constructivism as a theory of learning is Higher level thinking skills

Life-long learning
Teacher as learner
The change in philosophy which I have witnessed in my masters programme during the last one year has been bottom-up. It began slowly as does most change. I learned about constructivist theory and began restructuring of my teaching and instructional practice. As I continue to research this topic, I find that I am actively using and reflecting on what I have learnt. I'm applying this knowledge in a way I never envisioned possible. I have worked with a small, but enlightened group of individuals who have spent many hours discussing ways to effect positive change in teaching and learning with multimedia instructional message.

Let me begin with a very basic and resolute definition of what I mean by a multimedia instructional message. A multimedia instructional message is a presentation consisting of words and pictures that is designed to promote meaningful learning. In a recent review, Fletcher and Tobias (2005, p. 128) concluded: “The multimedia principle, which suggests that learning and understanding are enhanced by adding pictures to text rather than presenting text alone, appears to be well supported by findings from empirical research.” I have limited my definition of multimedia instructional...
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