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Topics: Phase, Chemistry, Solubility Pages: 2 (441 words) Published: August 13, 2013
Samples| Physical State| Color| Appearance| Solubility in Water| | | | | |
Group IA and Group IIA Elements| | | |
Li2CO3| Solid| White| Shiny Powder| Soluble|
Na2CO3| Solid| White| Refined Powder| Soluble|
K2Co3| Solid| White| Powder| Soluble|
MgCO3| Solid| White| Unrefined Powder| Insoluble|
CaCO3| Solid| White| Powder| Insoluble|
BaCO3| Solid| White| Crystalized Powder| Insoluble|
| | | | |
Some Group IVA Elements| | | |
C| Solid| Black| Crystalized| NotApplicable|
Sn| Solid| Silver| Metal| |
Si| Solid| White| Powder| |
Pb| Solid| Gray| Plate-like| |
| | | | |
Some Group IIA Metal Oxides| | | |
| | Reaction toBlue Litmus Paper| Reaction toRed Litmus Paper| | | | |
MgO| Insoluble| No Reaction| Turned to Blue|
CaO| Insoluble| No Reaction| Turned to Blue|
According to the data and information shown on the table above the elements shows chemical periodicity. Its shows also that in every group there are similar characteristics that is visible in every element. The Group IA & IIA Elements shows the same characteristics in physical state, color, and appearance but the solubility has some variations. In Group IVA only the physical state are the same while the color and appearance have variations. In Group IIA Metal Oxides shows also similar characteristics in physical state, reaction to blue litmus paper and most especially in red litmus paper that shows a reaction.


For the Group IA & IIA Elements, each small amount samples of Li2CO3, Na2CO3, K2CO3, MgCO3, CaCO3 and BaCO3 was place in the different test tubes. After placing them in the test tubes, we identified the physical state, color, and appearance of each. Then we test the solubility of each sample by using a 10mL of water.

For the Group IVA Elements, each small amount samples of C, Sn, Si,...

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