Polymer Chemistry

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Polymer Chemistry

Name of Career: Polymer Chemist
Specialized Training: Chemical synthesis & properties of polymers and macromolecules Salary: $78,000 per year
Location Restrictions: Work is done in a laboratory setting
Background Required: Need; Bachelor’s Degree in chemistry, chemical engineering, or synthetic engineering & prior lab experience. To continue your career, it is recommended to get a master’s or doctoral degree and courses in communication/presentation skills.

Polymer Chemists are very important to our society today for many reasons. These chemists have helped shaped many products since the late twentieth century, especially in the last 20 years. The main gist of their job is dealing with large macromolecules and manipulating them in different ways to help benefit various products that are being worked on. These products range from nicotine patches to kevlar vests, all of which have been discovered in the last 20 years since polymer chemistry has become more prevalent in today’s society and required to help with our ever changing economic and social structure we know today. The specifics of polymer chemistry depend on what type of product a chemist is working on, which is why polymer chemists nowadays need some sort of background in communication and presentation skills. Because polymer chemistry is more product orientated now, the range of knowledge for polymer chemists has greatly expanded and the practical use of polymer chemistry has grown to many of the common things we use in every day life. Polymer chemists now focus on improving the products we have now, such as plastics that can withstand immense pressure and temperature but still be flexible and lightweight for daily use in the kitchen. Chemists manipulate the properties of macromolecules and change the molecular structure of the products they are trying to improve, modifying them until said product meets the requirements the chemist is trying to achieve.

This specific career...

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