Poor Communication Between Different Cultural Groups Within a Country

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Poor Communication Paper
June 30, 2014
Mary Wardlaw

Poor Communication Paper
Poor communication within a country between the different cultural groups could eventually lead to a country being in the middle of a civil war. If the decision makers can’t agree on how the country should be run and each cultural group doesn’t have an equal say then it will start to cause conflict between the different cultural groups. I have spent four years in Iraq and the country is divided mainly of two cultures Sunni’s and Shia’s. After the war in 2003 “the Sunni Arabs were deposed, paving the way for the rule of the Shia majority and the rise of Kurdish political influence” (Moaddel, Tessler, & Inglehart, 2008, p. 624). The government is made up mostly of Shia’s that are in power. The Sunni’s don’t have any leadership in power making any decisions on their behave. Because of the poor communication between the Sunni’s and Shia’s the Sunni’s have been starting a civil war with the Shia’s trying to regain power. Because of the civil war this has significantly affected the international commerce and foreign policy. The oil prices has started to rise and this is now affecting the prices of gas making them continue to go up. Also the United States has sent American troops back into Iraq to assist the government against the Sunni fighters to help take back control of key cities. Even though the two cultures have lived together in the same country for thousands of years because they have different cultural patterns. Due to the different cultural patterns this has continued to separate the two cultures and adding to the lack of intercultural communication. “Cultural patterns are primarily inside people, in their minds” (Lustig & Koester, 2010, p. 85). Both the two cultures have different culture beliefs. At one point there was no split between the Muslims until the Prophet Muhammad...

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