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Moral, Carl Joshua M. Date Performed: October 12, 2014 1-5 Date to be Submitted: October 13, 2014 Group 2


The periodic table, is a tabular display of the chemical elements, and also a tabular representation of the periodic law, to form the greatest single aid in studying chemistry. The elements is organized or arranged on the basis of their increasing atomic number. Elements with the same number of valence electrons are kept together in groups, such as halogens and the noble gases. These elements expose similarities in properties. The horizontal rows in the table consist of the elements having the same number of energy shells. These element cannot be expect to react in similar ways because they’ll vary in their behavior to some range. Using periodic trends, the periodic table can help predict the properties of various elements and the relations between properties.

Obtain each of the sample of the elements of the third row of the periodic table. Follow the precaution given on the label of each container. It is a must to see the physical properties of each element; note down its physical state, color and luster. For acid-base properties, place 1 mL for aqueous solution of the potassium hydroxide, hydrochloric acid, and the oxides of each sample elements was placed in a spot plate. Add one or two drops of litmus indicator to each one. Observe the color change.

As a result, the samples changed their colors when 2 drops of litmus were added. Potassium hydroxide turned blue, hydrochloric acid turned blue, aluminum hydroxide turned violet, perchloric acid turned red, magnesium hydroxide turned violet, sodium hydroxide turned blue, phosphoric acid turned red, sulfuric acid turned red and silicic...

References: Laboratory Manual General Chemistry 1
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