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The definition of educational technology is the effective use of technological tools in learning. As a concept, it concerns an array of tools, such as media, machines and networking hardware, as well as considering theoretical perspectives for their effective application. (1) Personally speaking there are times when I am in awe of the different type of devices that I alone have access to. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine a world where we would be the Jetsons. You know the cartoon that use to come on every Saturday morning on channel 13 one of the four channels that we had access to as children. The convenience of everything is amazing and right at our fingertips. I can take tutorials on how to use Evernote or OneNote on Utube. My daughter can use her tablet to have access to in order to enhance her studies and the list goes on and on. The point is not that educational technology effective but the point is how we measure its effectiveness.

According to Roblyer the reason why good research has had so little impact on shaping teaching methods is because of approvals and permissions from schools and parents, and long-term access to busy classrooms have added yet another layer of difficulty. (2) She also stated that because technologies change so quickly it is difficult to build a body of findings over time. The reasons are valid but the article indicates that the focus should have more of a specific agenda for research like the “instructional design of the tool instead of a digital context. For example my daughter using the question could be raised is this programs instructional designs ease of use, can it keep her attention and is it truly effective in enhancing her student learning? Is it really worth $7.99 per month?

Roblyer states that the pillars of good educational research are 1. Significance Criterion. (2) This truly is...

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2. Roblyer, M. D. (2005). Educational technology research that makes a difference: Series introduction. Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education, 5(2), 192–201.
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