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Instructional Practices to
Increase Student Learning
New Teacher Series
Session II
November 4, 2010
Stephanie Lemmer
Kalamazoo RESA
Content Developed by John Vail Ed.S

Goals for the day
• Understand factors that impact the success
of any strategy.
• Become familiar with instructional strategies
that have proven effectiveness.
• Understand that fluency with the strategy is
an important prerequisite to the strategy’s
• Plan for the use of one of the strategies in
your own setting.
• Develop an idea of how to assess the
effectiveness in terms of student learning.

Major Themes for the Day

Teacher Behaviors
Principles of Effective
• “Classroom
Instruction that

What are the major beliefs of
the Catholic faith?

What might be the difference of
the impact on people seeking
Catholicism if the leadership and
the members of a congregation

Were vibrant and active in their belief?
 … OR had the knowledge but were

What might be the difference of
the impact on students seeking
learning if the administration and
the teachers in a school or district

Actually believed and expected that ALL
kids would learn at high levels?
Believed that much of student learning
was outside of their control.

Revisiting our educational beliefs
• All Kids Can Learn …
– “to the level of their abilities.”
– “to the extent that they take advantage of the
opportunities we create for them.”
– “and it’s up to us to see that they have
opportunities to grow and develop.”
– “so we will establish high standards that we
expect all students to achieve.”
DuFour and Eaker,1999

But what about … ?

Characteristics of Diverse Learners
Effective instructional strategies for
diverse learners must be constructed
with relevant learner characteristics in

Retaining information
Strategy knowledge and use
Vocabulary knowledge
Language coding
Coyne, Kame’enui, & Carnine, 2007

Retaining Information
• Numerous studies have documented that
the memory problems associated with
diverse learners are related specifically to
tasks with a verbal component.
• Using the right approach may significantly
reduce basic memory differences between
diverse learners and average achievers.
Coyne, Kame’enui, & Carnine, 2007

Instructional Implications for
Addressing Memory Skills
• Explicitly instruct in effective use of rehearsal
and categorization strategies.
• Emphasize long-term retention of underlying
meaning of important content.
• Have learners actively use new information.
• Emphasize connections between pieces of
• Connect new learning to learner’s experiences.
• Systematically monitor retention of information
and knowledge over time.
Coyne, Kame’enui, & Carnine, 2007

Strategy Knowledge and Use
• Diverse learners and average achievers
use similar strategies but differ in how
efficiently they use them.
• Teachers should first be prepared to
address seriously the basic skill problems
that frequently underlie students’ poor use
of strategies to solve complex problems.
• Learning effects are strongest when
learning strategies are explicitly taught.
Coyne, Kame’enui, & Carnine, 2007

Instructional Implications for
Strategy Knowledge and Use
• Ensure that necessary skills underlying
efficient use of target strategy are firm.
• Provide multiple examples of when to use
and not use particular strategy.
• Make each step in new strategy explicit;
have learners demonstrate proficiency
using each step as well as combining
steps to use whole strategy.
Coyne, Kame’enui, & Carnine, 2007

Vocabulary Knowledge
• Vocabulary development must occur in
multiple curricular areas and in the context
of multiple instructional techniques if the
gap between diverse learners and
average achievers is to be substantially...
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