Pptls Assignment 1

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PTTLS (preparing to teach in the lifelong learning sector)

Assignment 1

Summarise key aspects of legislation, regulatory requirements and codes of practice realting to own responsibilities

Explain own responsibilities for promoting diversity, equality and valuing diversity

Explain own role and responsibilities in lifelong learning sector

Explain own role and responsibilities in identifying learner needs

Jonothon Corser

According to Ann Gravells (2012:18), the primary role of an assessor/teacher/trainer is to help learners achieve chosen programme. She also went further to explain and outline that this can be achieved using a variety of teaching and learning methods whilst consistently taking learners needs into account. As a food and drink preparation and service trainer I would start by carrying out an initial assessment with the aim of identifying any individual learner’s needs. I will do this by beginning with an initial assessment and I will ask learners to fill in application forms, paper questionnaires and verbal questions. I can also ask students to briefly introduce themselves to the group all leading to identifying any individual learning needs such as dyslexia or confidence issues speaking out. I should have a idea of the level they are at through the evidence submitted on their individual key skills test taken before the course begins. I can also discover their learning style using a quiz based on Fleming’s (1987) Visual, aural and Kinaesthetic (V.A.K) definitions to learning styles in order to plan and enhance their learning experience I will also set ground rules, beginning by stating some generic ground rules that I have chosen to the learners and write them on a flip chart and pin them up for the learners to see. Another way would be to sit down with the learners on their first day and have a group discussion or break the learners into groups and have the learners create their own rules and writing the suggestions up on flip chart and possibly voting for the most appropriate rules or Alternatively each learner could each say a rule aloud and we could apply the most commonly agreed ones. When setting the ground rules, although I will have my own rules in mind such as ‘being on time’ and ‘mobiles on silent’. We could set our ground rules by grouping the learners into teams and asking them to choose a number of rules, once the activity is completed I would then write the suggested rules on the flip chart and invite the class to discuss which ones are better and appropriate and the ones that are not and choose from them accordingly. Equality and diversity is promoted here because the learners have their voice heard whilst making the ground rules fair whilst collectively agreeing on their own ideas thus promoting inclusion through a democratic rule making process.

This will then lead me into my teaching my programme for which I will need to understand and use the learning cycle. Identify learner needs
Design learning programme
Deliver learning programme
Assess learning programme
Evaluate the learning programme

I would have already carried out the first point through my initial assessment which is identifying the learning needs as explained above.

I would have at an earlier point already designed my programme producing suitable handouts taking into account the individual learning needs of the learners. I would also explain to them what to expect from the course and the standards and requirements set by the awarding body for the course this will all be covered in the induction process of the course shortly after the domestics e.g. fire alarm, exits and muster information. It would be at the point of delivering the learning programme that I would have to ensure my roles concerning the delivery are up to date with teaching methods and theory as well as my specific subject knowledge/understanding. I can do this by continuing personal development and...
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