Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector –

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Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector – Level 4 Assignment

Task one
Produce a report on the roles, responsibilities and boundaries of the teaching role The teachers roles, responsibilities and boundaries
‘’A teacher is now a facilitator: a person who assists students to learn for themselves’’ ( Reece & Walker (2003) pp. 3 )
A teacher is not just a fountain of knowledge, but a person who is there to help the learners realise their potential in their education. The teacher’s role is to understand students’ needs, and engaging them in their learning experiences and also facilitating their needs to enhance their learning. Reece & Walker (2003, p. 3)

The teachers roles are as follow:
Learning about the students and their interests,
Assessing learning abilities and learning styles
Planning classroom environment and routines
Access leaner’s progress – Manager of the learners progress •Instilling confidence in the learners
organising classroom facilities and resources
Planning and organizing for instruction
Planning and organizing for assessment and evaluation
Planning for communication with students’ families
Reflecting upon the effectiveness of their planning
Instruction and assessment as a means of gathering information about their students’ progress and instructional needs, and the success of their practice.

Reece & Walker (2003, p. 3 )

A Teacher has a responsibility towards the well being of the student, making sure that their learning is effective. Responsibilities are as follows:
Managing the learning environment
Making sure that the students are safe
Assessing the needs of the students, i.e. being aware that every student is different and therefore being aware of their needs •Making sure that registers are being taken, in case of an emergency the teacher knows who’s in the classroom Reece & Walker (2003, p.3)

Boundaries ground are ethics, as teachers they are core to recognising our limitations and realising when changes may be needed. Being open to change and incorporating others’ input involves recognising when boundaries must be revisited.

Boundaries such as the appropriateness of the teacher/learner relationship and disciplinary lines for misconduct are strong ethical issues which are at the core of every teacher.

Understanding when a student requires further help beyond your remit is a boundary which should be effectively utilised. A teacher must be able to recognize when additional help is required to further the learning experience.

Reece & Walker (2003, p.3 ) Duckwoth, Wood, Dickinson, Bostock (2010, p.3 )

Legislation and code of practice affecting the work of teachers how these relate to your specific subject Within the lifelong learning skills sector there is legislation which is paramount within the teaching profession. The rational behind teaching is to treat all learners with equality, and taking into consideration that all learners are individuals, as a result should be treated with respect regardless of the following: •Gender

Martial status
Sexual orientation
Ethnic origin
Domestic circumstances
Social or employment status
Duckwoth, Wood, Dickinson, Bostock (2010, p.127 ) Reece & Walker (2003, p.293 ) As a teacher there is a specific code of practice which has six core principals :

( Duckwoth, Wood, Dickinson, Bostock (2010) pp.127 )

As a member of the IFL which represents teachers in the life long learning sectors, we are encouraged to follow the working practice code which the IFL states :

‘’The institute of learning values and promotes the autonomy of learning practitioners whilst aiding their individual and collective development within a framework of integrity, honesty and professionalism’’...
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