Pride and Prejudice Marriage

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The Meaning of True Love
Marriage defines class, love, and reputation. Austen portrays her view on marriage through the characters. Throughout the novel, the characters’ marry because of love or societal pressure. The author also portrays the class and reputation throughout her characters. In the book, there are three main marriages the marriage of Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy, Lydia and Mr. Wickham, and Jane and Mr. Bingley.

In the 18th century, women were very dependent on their spouse. Many thought financial and social support was through marriage. Women required men from higher class to have financial stability. Austen portrays Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy’s marriage out of true love and a successful marriage. Elizabeth believed that marriage should be through happiness, love, and not money. The relationship between Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy reveals Austen’s standards on marriage. None the less, just for the beauty, or physical attraction, but for the personality. Austen endures the test of time regarding Elizabeth and Darcy’s marriage as true love. Because Elizabeth falls in love with Darcy’s personality and not for his financial support

When comparing Lydia and Mr. Wickham marriage to Elizabeth and Darcy marriage. Lydia and Mr. Wickham’s marriage is based on passion and physical attraction. As for Lydia, she is a foolish girl, does not really know the meaning of marriage. She only married Wickham because she was attracted to him and not for love. She also wanted to be the first one to be married out of her sisters. Wickham does not have feelings for Lydia whatsoever. According to, Austen describes their marriage based on physical attraction and not the grounds of love. In the book, Austen’s gives examples of marriage based on physical attraction. Those marriages are Mr. and Mrs. Bennet. They only married for their looks. Therefore, Lydia and Mr. Wickham’s marriage are just like her parents.

The relationship between Jane and Mr. Bingley...
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