Project Execution

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Project execution and Finalization essay
Report 3: Project execution and Finalization

Achievement of the project's objectives, summarizing whether the project was successful or not:

In this project we have selected a hypothetical company namely “PHUN LINERS”. The Company belongs to services industries and is involved in providing entertainment services to its customers. The objectives and visions of the company are that it is planning to search opportunities to entertain the youth through different recreational activities. The company wants to establish its core competency and market leadership through uniqueness in providing services to its target customers such as theme based gaming. The Entertainment programs will be selected by analyzing the tastes and habits of target customers.

The basic and specific goals of this project are that we are going to provide our customers an entirely theme based game setup which will involve a large number of recreational activities on the day of delivery. We have to complete the project in 90 days and we need to clearly and quickly define all the tasks related the project. We also need to establish performance standards.

The project we are studying is prison break replica is considered to be a “project” under the project management definition because it is a temporary activity undertaken to provide a unique service to attain a specific result”. Three key attributes which makes prison break replica a project are:

Ø definite starting and ending points – 26th January 2010 to 26th April 2010

Ø a specific budget – 600 Pounds

Ø a clearly defined scope and performance standards.

As we worked on our project, then we got great customer response. Whenever we want to enter in a market with an innovation or new idea, there are normally two possible outcomes. Either we will totally fail or either we will totally succeed. In the Prison Break Replica, we are providing customers an entertainment in an innovative style...
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