Promote Professional Development

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Unit 2

1. Promote Professional Development

1.1 Professional development is a planned process of improving and increasing capabilities of staff. Within our setting it is the people who work within our organisation that determine its success. As a setting we are continually developing and enhancing our skills and knowledge to know that our clients are getting the best service and support available. Professional development enables us to keep up to date and make changes proactively to make sure the service is relevant and appropriate for service users.

As a setting we have a vision and all professional development is planned and in line with the vision of our organisation. By continuing professional development the day to day challenges and pressures are manageable, as we are able to transform in response to changing situations and requirements.

1.2 When improving professional development it is important to improve barriers to personal, social, emotional and intellectual barriers. This enables us to make sure the welfare of the staff is paramount as well as the clients. Within professional development it is essential to improve work/life balance and take into consideration family and other commitments, so that work pressures can be managed and overcome.

1.3 Within our setting all professional development is planned during supervision meetings with individuals, this enables us to achieve specific outcomes that are focussed on the needs or wishes of the individual, these outcomes can also contribute to the learning needs of the organisation.

Within our setting we select individuals to attend training opportunities and courses to develop specialist skills and knowledge which they can then use to feedback and train other staff. Continued professional development is paramount within our setting and is a major part of staff development and progress. Throughout both school and residential areas formal learning opportunities are sought these are in the form of mentoring by senior staff, appraisals, and supervision sessions. Informal learning opportunities arise through support from work colleagues, organisational learning opportunities for personal development that links in with the residential and school development plan can be recognised by gaining relevant sources of information and support from senior staff and achieving personal and professional goals. As a manager it is important to direct staff and have them understand that there should be no limit to opportunities, that even if you start at the bottom you have the opportunity to move to the top, with support.

1.4 Factors to consider when selecting opportunities and activities for keeping knowledge and practice up to date are how we should asses the relevance of sources and systems of support in relation to personal, professional and organisational goals. Within our setting individuals are observed and giving the opportunity to evaluate their work and decide on ways they’d like to move themselves and the setting forward. All individuals set goals and are supported to achieve them. Firstly we establish what kind of learner the individual are and look at the ways we can achieve the best outcome for the individual. The benefits that professional development brings have to ensure that it is purposive and planned and also meets the individual needs of our staff. This also helps us address any organisational needs.

Within our setting activities for keeping knowledge and practice up to date, are consisted within training day sessions and twilight evening sessions. All relevant information for keeping knowledge and practice up to date are discussed in staff meetings and 1-1 meeting with relevant staff. Any important changes that are to be highlighted are sent via memos and notice boards, during supervision meetings and dealt with quickly and appropriately. Changes to care standards and legislation etc are relayed to staff via personal memos and staff meetings....
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