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Topics: Culture, Cross-cultural communication, Sociology Pages: 2 (848 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Communication Is Key

After completing the Intercultural Communication course I have learned many things about myself and others; I even got an idea of what kind of cultural patterns other cultures follow. My favorite section from this course was learning about Metaphors of U.S. Cultural Diversity: “When people talk about blend of U.S. culture groups, their ideas are often condensed into a few key words or phrases. These summary images, called’metaphors’, imply both descriptions of what is, and less obviously— prescriptions of what should be” (p. 59). This quote helped me accept, and get a better understanding of, this diverse nation of ours by being able to look at it from multiple angles from different cultural patterns. Nevertheless, before this course I noticed differences in individuals around my surroundings, but I could never explain certain qualities about each of them in a way that made sense to others, or without sounding racist. Now that I have bettered my intercultural communication skills, I have gained a more diverse and positive look at this: “Culture mix within the United States” (59), which also illustrated to me that racism inside the United States has gone down, and more individuals besides myself are more open to interacting with individuals from other cultures. This course has also illustrated to me that because of this culture mixing happening in the United States: “many cultural groups within the United States have continuously adapted to one another as they accommodated and perhaps adopted some of the practices and preferences of other groups while maintaining their own unique and distinctive heritages” (60). For example, being that I am a Mexican American, and I was raised for the first half of my life in Mexico, I have learned to adapt myself to other cultures— like African American or Phillipino Americans, which has increased my friendships with other fellow students on campus and introduced me to new flavors of foods; thus, this...
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