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Introduction There is a popular saying that teachers are born not made. Nothing could be further from the truth. Teachers are born and made. Teaching is becoming more scientific and teachers require extensive background in foundation courses in education. The disciplines that make-up the foundations of education course include Psychology of Education, Philosophy of Education and Sociology of Education. Psychology of Education or Educational Psychology aims at equipping the teacher with insights regarding student behaviour and learning. Philosophy of Education teaches the student the purposes of education as derived from the philosophy of a society, like the opinions of the people, which will determine the kind of Education to be given. Sociology of Education forms part of the Foundations of Education because it brings out the needs, values and aspirations of people upon which education is based. Therefore the three aspects (philosophy, psychology and sociology) are very necessary in the study of education, especially in the training of teachers. This course will expose you to concepts and principles of philosophy like the branches of philosophy, its meaning and scope, its relevance to education and its modes. In the field of psychology, the course discusses the meaning and scope of psychology, branches of psychology; learning theories, transfer of learning and motivation in learning. All of these are meant to prepare you for the important tasks of teaching. The course will consist of 16 units of teaching. They include a course guide, which explains to you what the course is all about, what sort of materials you will use as you work your way through the course. The course guide gives you advice on the amount of time you may spend on each unit of the course so that you can complete the course successfully and in good time. It also provides some guidance on tutor-marked assignments, which will be made available in the assignment file. There are regular tutorial classes that are linked to the course. You are advised to attend the sessions. What you will learn in this course The general aim of the course, Foundations of Education is to introduce you to the foundation fields of education, the aspects that make up the discipline of education. During this course, you will be learning the definitions and scope of philosophy, psychology and sociology, the relevance of philosophy and psychology to education, learning theories, transfer of learning, motivation in learning, historical and sociological perspectives of education, innovations in education, types of education in Nigeria and equality of educational opportunities. 3

Later in the course, you will be learning the roles of agencies that are involved in education. Such agencies include the National Primary Education Commission, National Commission for Adult and Nonformal Education, the National University Commission, Stratification, Social Mobility and other factors that influence education. Course Aims The aims of the course can be summarised as follows: The course aims at making you understand the foundation units of education, that is, all those units that together make up the field of education. It is hoped that this will be achieved by introducing you to: i) The general concept of philosophy ii) The relevance of philosophy to education iii) Relevant Philosophical Issues in Education iv) The concept of psychology in...
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