Psychology of Adult Learning

Topics: Developmental psychology, Psychology, Adult Pages: 2 (579 words) Published: May 25, 2012
Adult learning Psychological theorists agree that adult learning is most effective when an individual’s social context coincides with real life application. Adult learning differs from children’s learning in that it is self-directed, problem-centered, experience based, and more often relevant to life. These theories have been discussed by researchers and scholars with hope to link them to life skills and social cognitive abilities. Importantly, the construction of morality during development is a vital ingredient of cognitive abilities. There are different theories that explain about life development; Kohlberg theory, Piaget, Vygotsky’s and Erikson’s theories (Broderick & Blewitt). . In the middle adulthood stage a person is at the peak of his/her maturity and they are characterized by generatively and stagnation (Broderick & Blewitt). The last stage according to the Erickson’s Lifespan Stage is the late adulthood where the person strives to maintain integrity but at the same time they despair. As human being grow and mature, they have different personal needs that wish to satisfy. For instance, there is a need for someone to be academically empowered before they can enter the job market among others (Suarez, A.). The ages between 18 and 30 are considered early adulthood. Intimacy, career ambitions, knowledge empowerment, and wealth are jus but a few things that drive most people in this age group (Broderick & Blewitt). As one grows, so does their status, they became choosy and selective on where and who to hand out with, who to date and in most cases their lifestyles completely change. As most people in these age group approach the end of the stage, some of them (especially women) become stressed if they would have not have gotten someone to marry them or a biological child of their own, loneliness starts to creep in since they feel time is not on their side. The end of the early adulthood stage ushers in another equally challenging stage, the...
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