Psychology Week 3

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Week 3 Assignment
1) Distinguish between operant conditioning, observational learning, and social learning. How are these different kinds of learning utilized in the work place? Give specific examples for each one. a) Operant conditioning is the learning through voluntary responses and its consequences. A specific behavior is performed and from that behavior there is a consequence. For me, in the workplace, I know that if I complete my jobs assigned to me then I am complimented on my achievements. Also, more specifically, if I have someone call and request a specific issue be resolved and I assist them in a timely fashion, then they are content and happy with the service received. b) Observational learning is the process or behavior of learning by watching others. By watching what others do and learning from their actions mistakes can me possibly eliminated. For me, this is very important. Everything that I have learned in regards to my job has been learned from watching someone else do the same thing. Some things I have learned because someone taught me and completely the task successfully. Some things have been learned from other people’s mistakes. Either way, in the computer networking industry, observational learning is a huge part of my training. c) Social learning is behaviors learned by watching others as well, but it’s more emotional learning. It involves learning through behavior. In working, I can say that observing my manager and coworkers and the way they react situations does have an impact on the way I may react to a situation or specific people. Mind you, someone who constantly calls the help desk number or puts in unnecessary tickets, if I notice that my coworkers may get an attitude about it or frustrated, in many instances it will frustrate me as well if I am directly confronted with a similar situation. 2) How is prejudice developed and nurtured through classical and operant conditioning? Give specific examples that...
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