Ptlls 009a Report-Updated

Topics: Educational psychology, Learning styles, Education Pages: 7 (2630 words) Published: February 17, 2013
Assignment 009, Research Report.

In this essay I am going to report my findings on inclusive learning, how to motivate and engage learners and establishing grounds rules. I am also going to talk about giving constructive feedback and what functional skills are.

Inclusive learning is focused teaching on the learner as each individual. It’s making the teaching inclusive for each learner to their requirements and their needs. Not everybody is the same, and each has their own way of learning. You have to identify and remove possible barriers that are going to restrict the learning process, and reduce their participation in the process. We all learn differently; influenced by a combination of post experiences of learning, study practices and our personal approaches to tasks and assignments. As people have different needs and speeds, you teach at the rate of the slowest learner (in a group situation). This means that yes others may be quicker, but they can then look at notes, displays, books etc. and the slowest can catch up. Don’t make people aware that you have a slow learner, repeat yourself, give hand-outs for them to browse at... people get embarrassed, ashamed and low if they think they are holding up the class. If people have support workers, do not be tempted to lean towards them, your responsibility is towards your learner, not their help. Each person knows what they are capable of, even if they have a low self-esteem of themselves. Gentle persuasion, extra help, quiet teaching time with them may help them to achieve greater things. Everybody has particular ways of gathering, storing and processing information, and you will find each person preforms better in tasks that reflect to their preferred ways of learning and being taught. You need to try and have some knowledge of different learning styles and be able to introduce a variety of ways of teach to make your teaching inclusive. You can use learning style questionnaires to assess and gauge individual learning styles, look at their past learning experiences and have a brief chat with each learner, asking them what they like best and what they don’t like. (The range of individual learning needs and diverse areas of learning are high).

Inclusive Learning; defined in Oxford Dictionary; 'process of increasing the presence, participation and achievement of all learners in educational settings'.

In making your teaching inclusive, you reassess the material you use in your teaching and the way in which it is delivered and assessed. You have to be aware that learners may have multiple support needs, and not all may be visible to the eye. Misunderstanding, negative attitude and lack of awareness can lead to segregation and under-achievement. 2 Acts that are in place to help with inclusion are;

Special Educational Needs and Disability Act 2001 – placed a duty on schools, local authorities and post 16 providers to ensure they do not discriminate against disabled pupils for a reason relating to their disability.

Removing Barriers to Achievement 2004 – addresses how best the needs of pupils/learners with special educational needs can be met.

Inclusive Teaching;
Takes a coherent approach which is proactive.
has a strategy for delivering equal opportunities and diversity policies Involves the whole institution/organisation.
matches provision to student needs
Incorporates regular reflection, review and refinement of strategies and methods that actively involve disabled students. Skills to ensure inclusive practice;

Ability to work with others to review inclusion challenges/barriers. Standardisation meetings can benefit teachers to ensure they are up to date with new ways to teach, and that the whole organisation is using these measures and practices. Learn from other teachers, use ideas that they find effective, measure up poor methods, review new ones. Plan to promote active learning and provide assessment opportunities that...
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