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Reflective Account for Assignment 001

Teaching can be challenging and rewarding if you enjoy what you are doing, if you don’t enjoy what you teach then it can become boring, it soon rubs off on your learners and gives the impression of “If the tutor isn’t interested, then why should I be?” It can also be boring, but this is where the challenge begins to make it fun so that the learner understands what is being taught without loosing interest quickly.

It is your responsibility as a teacher/tutor to make sure that your own subject knowledge is as up to date as possible at all times, it helps you cover questions from your learners that you might not be prepared for but gives you a basis to give a formidable answer instead of giving them wrong information.

Teaching includes a lot of roles and responsibilities.

Equality and Diversity are main areas found within teaching, you have to remember that not everyone comes from the same background or has the same beliefs; things like language barriers may stop people from learning. Always assess and evaluate your learners in possibly every lesson you teach, this will help you assess whether they are learning and understanding or are just simply bored! This can be done in numerous ways, like recapping your lesson by choosing to highlight the main points to be learned, question and answer sessions, or even a mini test or assessment, be creative when doing things like this as in hindsight to my SIA Training, if its fun, its always remembered, but always make sure that it is easy to understand for all. Always try and involve everyone, even if they do not understand what you are saying or do not understand what you are asking, make it simple, rephrase your question, ask others to help them out, don’t leave them out, they simply wont learn and feel embarrassed. Initial assessment is always a good starting point to see how much the learner understands, my SIA training colleague has put together a booklet for ethnic minorities that would like to get into the security industry, this is where we can get a basic understanding on how much English they speak or understand because some of the awarding bodies are aware that people are obtaining licences but do not understand a word of English, he now offers people a maths and English course to help them get a better understanding of what is being asked.

Whilst doing my SIA course we have a little game of “Millionaire” based on the TV Show that we do on the 1st day to give us an understanding of what people know about the security industry, what they understand about door supervisors and CCTV operators, it helps establish if people need extra help when doing assessments towards their qualifications, we also say that if you have any learning difficulties or any problems then to quietly speak to myself or my colleague, it just prevents them from being embarrassed in front of people the don’t know, this is our way of doing an initial assessment as you get to see who are confident in learning and who are not, this gives us a chance to adapt our teaching if someone does come to us and express a learning problem, or a problem in general. I have found in adults that it can cause some major insecurities, which can sometimes prevent them from applying a job because of fear of rejection.

Lifelong learning is always a teaching process for yourself as a tutor/teacher and the learner, I, myself at the age of 29, am still learning new skills and vital information that will help me have a better understanding in some jobs and also whilst doing this course, I have been able to look back on SIA training days and think to myself, “did this work?” “How can I do this better?” Doing my CCTV badge has given me a bigger insight into the Data Protection Act and how certain procedures should be done in accordance with the Law; I am constantly keeping up to date with laws and legislations. Lifelong learning is exactly what it says, you are learning...
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