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Charmaine scott Student ID 32062617 29/11/12 Assignment 1- Unit 5
Role Responsibility and Relationship in life long learning

Definition: Role and responsibilites
To teach, asses and plan, deliver, and evaluate The following assignment will discuss the role and responsibility of a teacher in long life learning The role of a teacher in lifelong learning sector is to deliver curriculum set out by the awarding body. Their role is to maintain their responsibilities by providing learners with a suitable and safe environment, health and safety work act1974] recording changes by complying relevant admin ensures records are up to date,plan lessson. Prepare teaching materials, do research. assess learners .keep record of attendance. The main role is to encourage and facilitate communication in such a way that all learners can enter into a wider range surrounding of the topic they have choosen ,ensuring all session aims and objectives, are meaningful .efficeint and effective to learners ensuring the teaching roles incorporates with ongoing administration and assessment, The main responsibility of a teacher in the long life learning is to continually reassess a leaner development, and change during course the and create seamless transition to ensure smooth delivery as learners develop better understanding of aims and objectives ,their needs change and this must be identify in continual reassessment . Teachers responsibility to monitor evaluate and improve quality and effectiveness of their delivery by taking in account learners changing needs. Our responsibility is to keeping up to date in teaching [cpd].maintaining high standards in your work and conducts, complying with the rules of the organization you are apart of as well as code of practice,every child matters (EMC),be safe ,be healthy.enjoy and achieve. INITIAL ASSESSMENT

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