(Pttls) Level 4 Assignment

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Core Module: Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Centre (PTTLS) Level 4 Assignment

Produce a report on the roles, responsibilities and boundaries of the teaching role

Teacher’s roles, responsibilities and boundaries
There are 6 domains making up the overarching professional standards which are: a) Professional standards and practice
b) Learning and teaching
c) Specialist learning and teaching
d) Planning for learning
e) Assessment for learning
f) Access and progression

The teacher’s role is to value all of their learners as individuals and to treat them equally and to create stimulating and effective opportunities within the class that enable the development and progression of all students. The teacher’s role is also to plan their sessions in advance utilising lesson plans and other preparation materials. Completing attendance records and maintaining records of learner progress through methods such as tutorials and assessments is also vital.

All teachers have a duty of care to their learners which would include, inducting learners to the organisation of the course, carrying out one to one tutorials and reviews with learners. In following these procedures, the teacher must follow professional values and ethics, behave and speak appropriately and standardise their practice. Should a student have particular needs, the teacher must refer them to other agencies where necessary.

Self-evaluation is also necessary for the teacher to improve their practice. This may be in the form of research or reviews.

Legislation and codes of practice affecting the work of teachers and how these relate to your specialist subject

There is a wide range of legislation, which the teacher must be aware of encompassing: • Equal Opportunities Act
• Health and Safety Act
• Sex Discrimination Act
• Data Protection Act
• Every Child Matters
• The Education Act
• Special Needs and Disability Act
• The Confidentiality Act

It’s important to keep up to date with these legislations as they evolve, as it is part of the teacher’s responsibility to ensure they are being adhered to and to be able to follow the correct procedure if they are not.

“As a teacher your responsibility for the safety of your students is a legal requirement.” Minton (1991)

These legislations protect the rights of both teachers and staff while within the learning environment.

Within Graphic Design these codes of practice would play a vital part in my everyday teaching. This would extend to ensuring the classroom environment is a safe place to work i.e. electrical plugs have been certified and tested, screens are at a correct position, students do not spend over an hour working at a monitors and there is a correct working environment temperature.

What is the role of initial assessment in teaching and learning and why should you use it? The initial assessment is a crucial part of the learning journey. It provides the information needed to decide a learner’s starting point. It is the benchmark from which learner’s progress and achievement can be measured.

By completing the assessment, a learner can see how much they are achieving throughout their course and this allows a more reflective approach to learning to flourish.

It should always be a collaborative process to bring the learner on board with their journey and to give them a sense of empowerment:

“Initial assessment needs to be done with learners rather than to them. It should be of benefit to learners and help them feel positive about themselves and their potential to learn.” 
Green, M. (2003)

Furthermore, the tutor can use this to plan to meet the learner’s needs and establish a starting point in order to review their progress and achievements, further improving the quality of teaching being delivered.

Points of referral that teachers can use to meet the potential needs of learners

There is a wide range of...

Bibliography: Gravells, A, and Simpson, S. (2009) Equality and Diversity in the Lifelong Learning Sector
Minton, D (2005) Teaching Skills in Further and Adult Education 3rd edition, London: Thompson Learning
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