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Unit 27: Using inclusive learning and teaching approaches in lifelong learning

Prior to the micro-teach
I chose the topic of ‘music, drum, and rhythm workshop’ because it’s practical, fun, universally accessible, the vast majority of people like music, it can be applicatory to absolute beginners all the way to advanced musicians and it advocates group work and student centred learning. Other options that I considered included a group piano lesson, drum kit lesson or DJ lesson. I eliminated these options because of the limitations on group work and learners having to observe and wait until they could have a go on the equipment. The rhythm workshop allows everyone to work and learn together with no waiting time.

After outlining the learning outcomes the lesson starts with a ‘Find someone who’ ice breaker. This allows me to assess the learners, it’s a group work exercise to employ inclusive learning from the start and it creates a sociable, personable and safe learning environment for the session whilst incorporating functional skills. In this section I will use eye contact, I will call the learners by name and I will use a personable teaching style to include all the learners. We move onto some easy rhythm warm ups to boost self-esteem, help learners feel comfortable and build on group interaction. I can assess learner’s practical skills through observation whilst making learners feel comfortable with their mistakes and reinforce that everyone’s contribution is valuable whilst giving context to the theory that is introduced in the next section using a kinaesthetic and aural learning approaches. When explaining the theory I’m going to use words and syllables to help understand rhythms and notation. This technique incorporates visual, aural, kinaesthetic, reading and writing learning styles, making an unaccustomed concept of notated music familiar and accessible to everyone. I will assess learning by getting individuals to perform and write...
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