PTTLS Roles Responsibilities and Boundaries in LLS

Topics: Educational psychology, Education, Learning Pages: 3 (802 words) Published: September 22, 2013
To ensure that I have done as much as is practicable for Equality of Opportunity of access/uptake of the course and in planning of sessions/resources – I’ve attended promotional events and interviewed people to consider potential barriers to learning access and identify the needs of my prospective learners: from other countries, with dependants, school leavers with mobility/ sensory needs, learning disabilities and other protected characteristics (Equality act 2010). In line with organisation policies and procedures I give information and help with related information (Gravells 2011). In planning and preparing courses, I use information from records of previous interviews, initial, formal, risk and formative assessments, to enable me to be flexible in teaching and delivery strategies to meet the groups/individuals need for instance what will be taught when (Gravells 2011)when designing a scheme of work and session plans. I deliver learning style assessment either before or during the first session. This is so I can plan the learning strategies for all preferences identified(visual/auditory/reading/kinaesthetic), to plan appropriate resources. I aim to be focussed, enthusiastic organised and ensure I have enough depth and breadth of knowledge of a subject area to enable an effective learning experience. To check my session delivery /what has been learned I include a feedback form and learning journal (to be handed in with homework). I also offer tutorials/learner access, (at the start or end of session or in breaks), for urgent fears/worries – to offer guidance/ support in the learning task and fulfil my responsibility to enhance all students access/learning. I try to be approachable/relaxed, and communicate in an open manner to enable the interaction to be as positive and productive as possible for the learner I treat adults as adults, and support their choices in relation to their own learning responsibilities . My aim is to confidently deliver inclusively...

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