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School Captain’s speech at year 12 farewell assembly on 23 September 2005 Good Morning Ladies, gentlemen and my fellow students of year 12 2005. Before I begin my speech I would like to recite a quote by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. It reads: “Learning and education are important because they help one develop conviction of the need to change, and help increase one's commitment. This conviction to change then develops into determination. Next, one transforms determination into action- the strong determination to change enables one to make a sustained effort to implement actual changes.”

As young people we are entering a world of great turmoil. I see a society disjointed by a fear of terrorism, a society experiencing racial and religious hatred to our Muslims, our Christians and our Jews, and a society facing a deadly drought and environmental destruction. There is a growing need for change. Learning and education at Chatswood High School means that the people who stand before you on their graduation day today have the very real ability to make such change, both within their families, their communities, in Australia and throughout the world. I see students who are future doctors, future barristers and solicitors; future sports stars, future politicians, future musicians and artists and outstanding members of the community. These people here are characterised by compassion, humility, friendship, passion and respect, both for themselves and for each other. From comments made by our Prime Minister John Howard in early 2004 there is a growing concern throughout society that there is an erosion of values amongst the public school students in Australia. Standing here before my fellow students, I can tell you now that this statement is grossly untrue. What I have observed is a group of people I am proud to have served. A group of people who can should and will be successful in whatever field they choose to enter. A group of people who have expressed great understanding...
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