Ranga's Marriage

Topics: Marriage, Karnataka, Narrator Pages: 3 (942 words) Published: October 9, 2011
The narrator felt that Ranga and Ratna were suitable for each other. He arranged a meeting in which Ranga could meet Ratna and get impressed with her quality of singing. He manipulated things in a clever way and made Ranga fall in love with her. He finally got them married.

2. What are the special features of Hosahalli and in what respect are they so? In the village of Hosahalli the mango trees produce sour mangoes whose sourness go straight to the skull bones. There is also a creeper growing in the ever-so-fine water of the village pond. The flowers are a feast to behold and the leaves can be used to serve afternoon meals.

3. What was special about Rangappa? How did the villagers react to it? After his return from Bangalore where he had been studying for six months, much to everyone’s surprise, he was just the same. His homecoming became a great event for the villagers. People rushed to his door step wanting to have a look at him. An old lady even ran her hand over his chest, looked into his eyes and remarked that the janewara was still there. He hadn’t lost his caste.

4. Why does the narrator refer to the Black Hole of Calcutta? During the British rule, in Calcutta, hundreds of people were herded together in one room, hence leading to the death of many due to suffocation. The narrator compares the crowd to the Black Hole of Calcutta saying that so many people, who had come to see Ranga, would have turned the place into a black hole if they had all gone inside.

5. What exactly had happened ten years ago?
Ten years ago, the village accountant’s son was the first one to be sent to Bangalore to study. At that time, not many in the village knew English and no English words were used while talking in the native language.

6. What does the narrator tell the reader about his village Hosahalli? According to the narrator, the village Hosahalli is important to Karnataka as ‘Karigadabu’ is to a festive meal. It has mango trees which produce sour fruit. It is...
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