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Rationale: Am I a professional? Do my Learning Methods meet

the needs of the learner?

There are many different views regarding what Professionalism is.

As stated by Tummons (2007) ‘a profession is defined through a commitment to a

specialised knowledge base. Requiring knowledge within theories, within their

profession. Such as workers whom provide a service to others’.

Bridges (2007 ) suggests professionalism means ‘a combination of responsibility in

relationships with clients, an acceptance of responsibility and accountability within a

code of conduct, commitment to high standards and providing practice informed by


Evans (2011) states ‘ Professional standards must be met through performance

management’, which were introduced in 2007.

Within my role as a trainee teacher and an NVQ Assessor I am bound by a code of

practice and professional standards, to deliver academic and practical teaching

methods to suit my learners individually. Therefore one could call ones self a


As Evans (2011) identifies a profession as, ‘the delivery of a range of levels of service

provided by experts within the profession as well as the general ethical code

underpinning this practice’. This in cooperates behavioural ( physically doing),

attitudinal (attitudes held) and intellectual (knowledge/ understanding) components.

As identified within professional standards for teachers, tutors and trainers, I am

expected to provide learning activities which meet the curriculum requirements and

the needs of all learners, through the use of a range of effective and appropriate

teaching and learning techniques. This is to engage and motivate learners and

encourage independence.

Although through actively carrying out my role, it has became evident that learning

methods adapted to individual learning needs does not always occur. As part of my

learner induction to the course I identify with my learners their preferred learning

style. From this I am expected to adapt my teaching style to suit.

As Mestre (2010) identifies, an emphasis should be ‘on the need to provide a variety

of methods which include text, visual, kinaesthetic modalities’.

However within the NVQ there are several elements for achievement through various

assessment methods, such as tests, observation of the learners practice and assessment

of written work to deem evident knowledge base. Therefore one particular learning

style does not easily fit within each assessment method.

So through focusing on learners identified preferred learning style, are we going to

meet the standards for assessment? Through focusing on the assessment criteria, are

we going to provide the teaching to suit the learner’s preferred learning style? Which

is incorporated, with in my code of practice.

Therefore my rationale for developing a poster presentation on active learning

methods, is to identify these methods and how they fit with in learners preferred

learning styles, whilst achieving the desired qualification and adhering to my code of


I began through researching various learning methods used within the teaching

profession. I carried out research through internet searching, as well as utilising the e-

library resources researching journals. Methods such as cooperative learning, which

includes group sessions and one to one sessions, lecture by the teacher, through the

use of power point. A classroom discussion, which is conducted by the teacher

alongside student input on opinions, with in the topic. The development of the

classroom environment, whereby areas within self directed learning, independent

learning and critical, creative thinking can be enhanced. The use of recitation through

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