Reading and Approaches to Reading Strategies

Topics: Educational psychology, Problem solving, Consciousness Pages: 2 (556 words) Published: August 8, 2012
Reading and approaches to reading strategies.
I am an ardent reader who reads for hours as a hobby. Most times while reading, I would subconsciously scan ,skim, mind map and take notes , just for the pleasure of it without really knowing that these are very important concepts in Metacognitive awareness of reading strategies. After listening to the presentation and reading through the article by Kouider Mokhtari and Carla Areichard,I realized that metacognition provides personal insights into a person’s own thinking and perception. It also fosters independent learning. My students can even enhance their learning by becoming aware of their own thinking as they read, write, and solve problems at school. As a teacher, I can promote this metacognitive awareness by enlightening the students about effective problem-solving strategies and discussing cognitive and motivational characteristics of thinking. This strategy will improve their reading and studying abilities. Really interesting!. Such a heart warming discovery. The 3 main strategies outlined in the article, “Global Reading Strategies, Problem-Solving Strategies, and Support Reading Strategies” are very stimulating concepts that can be applicable by all ages irrespective of their diverse field of endeavour. I found them really interesting and helpful. PQRS was quite strange to me but now, I understand the concept better and it has helped improve my cognitive awareness and made my reading and research more result oriented. The relevance of Metacognotive awareness of reading strategies can not be over emphasised, as Paris and Winograd ( 1990) rightly stated that'' metacognition can promote academic learning and motivation'' and ''metacognition should be regarded as knowledge and confidence that enables and empowers''. The learning points and strategies that I have developed to help me engage with academic articles include: * Be mentally and physically prepared to read.

* Ensure that reading times are void...
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