Real Games Essay

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Real Games Essay
As a very young child, I often desired to have everything that I found amusing; obviously, my parents couldn’t always afford my wish lists or everything I set my eyes on. This always got me frustrated because I thought that “money grew on trees” and my parents had no reason for not getting me what I wanted or “needed”. Don’t get me wrong or anything, when I behaved and did well in school my parents got me what I wanted to a certain extent. When I grew a little older I realized, that in fact money does not “grow on trees”. I learned that my dad couldn’t buy me everything, and I also reduced my wish list. Even after that I still didn’t completely understand expenses. I knew about tax and insurance expenses but the concept of it wasn’t completely clear to me. Thanks to the “Real Games” unit, I now thoroughly understand all the expenses of my household, it really makes me think twice before I ask my parents for anything now a days, considering the cost to live in peace and luxury is so high these days. In this essay, I will discuss my extensive journey through the Real Games unit and how it has matured me in such a short period of time, teaching me all the expenses to live and treating me as a real adult in a real world atmosphere. In the Real Games unit, the career I was assigned was a Biomedical Engineer, sounds fancy huh? Well with the salary I was paid, an individual could really start living fancy. My gross monthly income is $6000.00 a month, with that salary; you could really live life without a worry. I work around 50 hours a week, which isn’t that bad. Although, I get 3 weeks of vacation time, which was a big bonus to me! I was greatly content due to the fact that I had a longer vacation than most of the people in my class. One of the best parts of my life is that I get to live with 3 good friends. In our middle sized apartment in east side Scarborough would live Abishan, Anzar, Arjun and I. The benefits of living with my friends is that I’ll always have someone to talk to, we can divide our chores which makes living a little easier, also one would never feel alone or lonely. Not to mention the fact that I’m saving so much money on rent considering I’m only paying $250 to live in my apartment. With the money saved I can invest in stocks or many other things such as bonds or even save money to start my own business if that is a lifetime goal for me. I also have plenty of leisure time! Over 7 hours a day! This gives me plenty of time to work overtime if times get hard or volunteer! Most importantly I get tons of time to spend with family and friends’; having this much leisure time is a big bonus for me considering I absolutely love spending time with people like my family in life. I drive a Toyota Corolla 2010, this is both a pro and a con, it’s a very fuel efficient car, and after all, Toyota is renowned for their fuel efficient and long lasting vehicles. I had a lease takeover on my car, which saved me a sufficient amount of money. I would pay $250 a month for my car, until winter 2014, which is when I would pay a whole amount of $3000 to completely own the Toyota. There are many perks to having a Toyota, other than its fuel efficiency, the insurance is quite low on my car also. Considering it is a very cheap car, the maintenance and insurance is really low. I’m only paying $400 dollars for maintenance. I’ve discovered that saving money instead of spending it all is worth it. I mean, I could afford almost any car on lease, but I chose to cut back and save money so when the time comes I can put the down payment on a house or even buy it on cash! I know many people who did the Real Games and saved little to no money because they chose to live a very lavish lifestyle. The only downfall to my car was that it wasn’t the most high end or luxurious car out there, but then again, I was attempting to save money. In the Real Games unit, although my life may seem very ideal, there are some factors to it that are...
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