Reason For Creation Of Covenant Marriage

Topics: Marriage Pages: 4 (999 words) Published: March 18, 2016
Hanan Allen
Dr. Rukmalie Jayakody
HDFS 315
26 October 2014
Covenant Marriage
Love, intimacy, respect, and commitment are one of many essential components towards the union of marriage. In modern society, couples are given the choice to choose between a covenant or regular marriage license. An observed relationship has been identified where couples that choose a covenant marriage have lower divorce rates in comparison to couples that choose a regular marriage. Causation and selection are both explanations that are consistent with supporting this observed relationship because it links the connection between the type of marriage that is selected and the probability of divorce. Marriage is always automatically related to the possibility of annulment, but with the creation of covenant marriage its main purpose is strengthen the institution of marriage by making it much harder for couples to obtain a divorce. (Spaht, p.74, 1998). Research by Spaht clarifies that by preserving a marriage it not only benefits the two spouses, but also the children involved. Legislation laws have also been enforced for couples that choose a covenant marriage which include: mandatory pre-martial counseling, a legal binding agreement, and terminating the divorce based upon misconduct by a spouse (Spaht, p.75, 1998). By devoting a serious effort these three mechanisms have established a solid foundation for the overall purpose of preserving a covenant marriage. By agreeing to a covenant marriage license, couples will therefore take their marital union more seriously and take more responsibility for their actions. This example serves as a benefit because it is a primary contribution towards the previously stated observed relationship. As adults, we have more obligations and by making commitment one of them that explains why a covenant marriage union would have lower divorce rates when being compared to couples who chose a regular marriage license. Furthermore, with this new...
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