Reasons to postpone marriage

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Reasons to Postpone Marriage
Marriage is a big even in any person's life. It represents your commitment for that person and also it's something that one should look forward to have for the rest of your life. So it must be planned, deeply thought out and everything that could wrong should be addressed or at least be taken note of before going on with this big step. Now days people are divorcing each other left and right. If you don't want to deal with that and with the issues that marriage might bring you must be as ready as possible for anything. First off, one of the best reasons to postpone marriage is simply just to get your partner better. Sure, you might think that you know them like the palm of your hand, but there might be stuff that they've kept hidden for whatever reason. And it's not necessarily bad things, but simply things that maybe they didn't feel comfortable doing or sharing that thing with you yet. The more time you spend with that person the more you get to know them. You might even start noticing stuff you didn't before. Who knows? Only you will, time will tell. You also have to take into consideration each other's emotions. Both of you must be emotionally healthy. The last thing you want is for unexpected mood swings from either you or your partner because you weren't aware of these issues. Plus both of you must also be happy with yourselves. You must make sure that neither of you are your partners source of happiness. You could be hurting that person deeply if he/she thinks that way or if you truly are their source of happiness. Same applies to oneself. Lastly you need to discover if you two are compatible. Marriage counseling might help because that way you can pin point exactly which things might become a problem later on. Do you both want children? What about future plans for each other's careers, faith your relationship is going to be based in (if this hasn't been addressed yet), or even how are you are both going to plan your sexual...
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