Reflection on Learning Disabilities

Topics: Educational psychology, Disability, Special education Pages: 2 (723 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Learning Disabilities
I believe that of the millions of young children who are diagnosed with a learning disability, only a few receive the full scope of assistance that they need in order to grow and succeed. Despite the advances our society has made when it comes to special education and offering resources to special needs children, I still believe that society is falling short of operating at its greatest potential to aid those with learning disabilities. I also feel that our culture devalues the important role that family support plays in the lives of these children. It is not only the responsibility of teachers and health care workers to help these children to thrive and be successful. While it does take a mental toll on the family members, it is important that they are aware of this fact and that they know how and when to recognize that they need to take a step back and care for themselves so that they can in turn be there for their child. I believe that learning disabilities play a much larger role in societal and family structure that is recognized. It will only be with an insight and awareness to the fact of this matter that society will be able to reach its full capability in providing the highest quality care for children with learning disabilities.In today’s world there is a serious stigma against learning disabilities and any form of mental illness. Because of the nature of our culture, many times families are embarrassed or in severe denial about the fact that their child has a learning disability. More often than not this leads to a delay in seeking treatment and assistance for their child. In the end this not only negatively affects the child, but the family as a whole. Putting off treatment for a learning disabled child makes for a very frustrating home life when it comes to communicating with the child and having them miss the appropriate milestones for their age. Ignoring the issues can make learning extremely challenging for...
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