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Topics: Educational psychology, Hearing impairment, Deaf culture Pages: 10 (3276 words) Published: January 14, 2015


*Assistant Professor, Human Development, Department of Home Science, IIS University, Jaipur **M.Sc Human Development, Department of Home Science, IIS University, Jaipur

The importance of self-concept in an individual’s personal adjustment has been well recognized among psychologists. Even educators are becoming increasingly aware that a students’ perception of him/ her may have a significant influence on his/her academic performance. There is a general consensus that hearing impaired children tend to have lower self-concept because of a tendency to academic failure, difficulty in information processing and the segregation from mainstream schooling that they experience. This study was designed to find out the academic and intellectual self concept of hearing impaired children. Altogether 100 school going children in the age group of 12 to 17 years were purposively selected from special school for hearing impaired children. Out of which 50 were boys and 50 girls in each category. Self prepared questionnaire was administered on each subject. On the whole the academic self concept was found meaningfully and positively correlated with intellectual self concept of hearing impaired children. But no difference was found in academic and intellectual self concept of girls and boys. Key Words: Self Concept, Academic self concept, Intellectual Self concept.

1.0. Introduction
Self-concept is an important construct in psychology and education. It can be defined as the object of an individual’s own perception or in other words it is the way people think about themselves. It is that part of personality of which one is aware. William James (1890) in his first introductory textbook in Psychology described the self as the way in which the self could be expanded to include one’s cloths, one’s home and one’s society. Self encompasses both the “I” and “Me” that is both the subject and the object of the experience, both the knower and the known. It is unique, dynamic, and always evolving with individual’s interaction with the social and physical world. As a person faces different situations and new challenges in his life, his insight towards himself may constantly change depending on the way he responds to such life changes. What an individual think about himself or herself influences his/her identity, self-esteem, body image, and role in society. It shapes and defines who we are, the decisions we make, and the relationships we form. Various theorists have described the means by which the process takes place in different ways. Freud sees ego and superego developing as psychic structure steering the primitive impulses arising from the Id out of the danger of the real world. According to Erikson's theory, the way a person resolves the crisis will determine their personal identity and future development. These involve establishing a sense of trust in others, developing a sense of identity in society, and helping the next generation prepare for the future. Social learning theorists describe the process of determination of self concept in terms of observational learning, identification and modeling process. Up until 1976, self-concept was viewed as a uni-dimensional structure and its measurement of global and general self-concept provided 'inconsistent, confounded and ambiguous results' (Byrne and Gavin, 1996). Shavelson, Hubner and Stanton (1976) proposed a halt on self-concept scale development until the structure of self-concept could be elucidated. They suggested that general self-concept was composed of four 1st order facets: academic self-concept, social self-concept, emotional self-concept and physical self-concept, The 1st order facets are composed of 2nd order facets. Academic self-concept has aspects relating to each of the academic areas of English, History, Math and Science. Social self-concept is composed of peer...
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