Returning to School

Topics: High school, Motivation, Goal Pages: 2 (546 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Returning to school 1

Returning to school
March 17, 2013

Returning to school2

Ever since I stopped going to college the year after graduating from high school I wanted to further my education but didn’t have the motivation. I’m a strong believer in the more I know the more valuable I will be. This is why I have the decision to obtain my college degree. Having a college degree can’t close any doors for me but only open up more. There was a point in my life were I realized the biggest things always come from the smallest things. I think something like education starts out small as we are young but ends up molding who we are as a person. After graduating from high school I didn’t real have a long term goal set up, which affected me greatly as I was faced with adversity. In high school I was a baseball player with good grades. As I look at it now, it was baseball that kept me motivated throughout high school. I looked forward to carrying on this motivation in college by playing college ball. The last game of my high school career was the biggest game of all, the valley championship. I was the closer for this game and after a long season we were very short pitching wise. The game came down to the late innings and I became exhausted but I pushed through the pains and ended up tearing ligaments in my elbow. We ended up winning that game but it was at the cost of my future goal to play college ball. I couldn’t go forth with college until I found a new goal to strive for so I can push through that adversity I would be faced with.

With some of my doors closed and my goals no longer in existence I went back to what I know working hard to earn money. The summer after high school I applied for a job at a local beverage distributor. I soon stated working that week, as this started out as a summer job everything changed when different doors started to open up in this job. I found myself running through the closed doors and

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