Risk Taking Experiment

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Risk Taking Experiment
A. There are many risks in life one must take. I had several options to explore for this experiment such as going on a drop roller coaster, sky diving, and killing insects. I thought that sky diving would be fun, but I am not old enough to do because the minimum age requirement was eighteen years old. I also explored the idea of killing insects especially spiders which I hate the most, but I thought going on a drop roller coaster would be more interesting. B. I chose the risk of going on a drop roller coaster because it’s something new and I thought would be fun to do because I love going to amusement parks. I have a fear of drop roller coaster because I am afraid of heights and hate the feeling where it lifts you out of your seat, but I decided to face my fear. C. The actual risk was going on Supreme Scream in Knott’s Berry Farm. The ride is 254 feet tall, and it plunges down more than 50 miles per hour. I went on the ride on April 2 with two of my cousins and my sister around in the afternoon after I went to the other rides in Knott’s. The ride lifted very slowly which made me anxious, and when the ride stopped to the top, it didn’t drop until five seconds later. The ride did one big drop, then two little drops afterwards. The first drop was scary, but the other two little drops were not that bad. D. It was a thrilling ride, and I am pleased with my choice. It made my fear of drop roller coasters go away so I could ride any other rides that included a drop. Afterwards, I did that ride two more times, and it was more fun each time rather than scary.
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