Robert J. Leroy

Topics: Chemistry, Atom, Science Pages: 2 (517 words) Published: October 8, 2013
A Brief Summary on Robert J. LeRoy and the LeRoy Radius Theory

As a graduate with a focus on computational chemical physics at the University of Toronto, Dr. Robert J. LeRoy began a career in the department in the theoretical chemical physics at the University of Waterloo. His commitment to a career to the science world is sparked by the research that goes along with it. He demonstrates his belief that in all basic or applied human endeavors one should be as challenged as they are rewarded, ”Finding something which interests you enough that you are willing to work really hard on it, and which challenges you to use your abilities to the fullest, is the key to a fulfilling and enjoyable life.” 1 Early in Leroy’s career, leads in the intramolecular interactions between matter and radiated energy as the frequency of molecules in studying spectroscopy brought him to scientific advancements in the use of computer models and quantum mechanics. Leroy states, “accept for the simplest systems, our knowledge of interactions between molecules is fairly primitive…”. 2 LeRoy is renowned for his two scientific achievements the LeRoy Radius and the near-dissociation theory. The first is a mathematical definition of the forces and bonds between small molecules, which explains the properties of molecular systems by determining the internuclear distance between two atoms. The second becomes a valid theory in regards to LeRoy Radius and describes the vibrational energy levels near the molecular dissociation limit and uses this formula, V(r) = D – C n/r , to determine the potential interactions between two atoms. When asked if he had an end goal in entering the scientific field, he notes that as a M.Sc. student, he studied elementary atomic recombination reactions and built a complex experimental apparatus for measuring the rate constants. One such experimental apparatus is: “I + I + M -> I2 + M” .3 This brought to his attention that the empirical question of “who did what to...

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